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Reach me by email  at  findashihtzu@yahoo.com
Fabulous Finds Shih Tzu
Hillsboro, Illinois 62049
217-537-3220 or (cell) 618-322-3220

Meet Our Guys....
Rogue, 5 lbs
What a Doll Baby,
Loves my lap!.
We looked high and low for these gorgeous guys.  Most have outstanding pedigrees, all have excellent health and temperment. Our breeding program is constantly changing and always improving, so we can continue to provide you with healthy, beautiful, well rounded puppies.
Cash, The Man in Black
Gorgeous Thick Coat, Very Intelligent,
Champion Sire and Dam
Produces some of nicest  puppies we have seen
To View His AKC Pedigree

Saro's Great White Hope "Rocky"
AKC Champion,
Champion Sire and Dam
Awesome Pedigree
To View His AKC Pedigree
Fabulous Finds Blazin' Lil' Rico, such a sweet little man, 5 lbs, Red Liver, Loves the Ladies. Loves everyone he meets.
Fabulous Finds Love 'Em & Levi 'Em
Call Name, Levi.  baby face, amazing personality, cuddles for days, beautiful red boy.
Fabulous Finds Con Her with Kisses
Call name, Conner. 5 lbs, produces black, blue, reds, super small little babies with awesome personalities.
Meet Cole, Solid black, gorgeous little guy weighs in around 7 1/2 lbs.Produces petite, awesome gorgeous healthy babies.